Global Sources Mobile Electronics Show
Time: 2019-10-09 3932

The colors in October are very bright, the sunshine in October is very bright, the birthday in October is very grand, the days in October are very brilliant, and many of the harvests are going on in October.

On October 21, 2019, Global Sources Mobile Electronics Show was successfully closed at AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong. The four-day (October 18-21) Mobile Electronics Show has a total of 2,800 booths in electronics, computer products, mobile electronic devices, AR/VR products, wearables and mobile electronic accessories.

As the world's largest mobile e-purchasing exhibition, it is a platform for discovering and sourcing the latest electronic products from all over the world. It also provides a stage for the release of a new generation of products, attracting numerous exhibitors and buyers every year.

Zhongding Chuang Technology Group was invited to participate in this exhibition. After careful preparation, with the industry's superb technical standards, high-performance flat-panel, notebook products, all-in-ones, smart speakers and other products rely on fashionable appearance and novel design concept. It has been well received by many new and old buyers at home and abroad. At the same time, Zhongding Chuang Technology Group will continue to explore in the field of fashion technology with its own professional level.

During the exhibition, the team is full of enthusiasm, professionalism and patience to answer questions for each new and old customers, help customers to better experience products and services! Receive high praise and recognition from customers!

High-quality products always attract customers' attention. In order to further understand the products, the company's business elites, adhering to the smile service, patiently communicate with customers, and take a group photo.

In this exhibition, let us know more about the market trend and gain more customers who can cooperate. Maybe we are not doing the best, but we will insist on making products and doing good products.

Thanks to the platform provided by Global Sources, I hope to cooperate again in the coming year.