Zhong Ding Chuang Technology Group 2019 Welcome Party
Time: 2019-10-09 3684

Zhong Ding Chuang Technology Group´s 2019 welcome party has not yet begun. Our beautiful hostesses, sisters, have already dressed in festive red dresses to greet the guests before the sign-in.


The guests arrived, and they received the New Year gift carefully prepared by the company. They took a group photo with the chairman of our Zhongding Group at the sign-in wall.

In the shocking countdown title and the host´s wonderful opening remarks, the party kicked off! Mr. Chen Zong, general manager of Zhongding, and Tang Chang, member of Huaying City, delivered speeches and speeches.

The wonderful programs and awards will bring the party to a climax.

A harmonious society needs to understand and needs help. A harmonious campus needs care and friendship. Our Zhongding Technology Group Co., Ltd. is doing its part for the education of Huaying City and the whole country, and should contribute to the revival of the Chinese nation. Some contributions.


In the lively atmosphere of the group photo, the whole party is coming to an end! ! !


Our team and our factories are confident of doing everything in 2019 and achieving their goals.
Zhongding Chuang Technology Group is a company that actively meets the challenges and continues to improve and grow in the challenges.
In the next few years, Zhongding Chuang Technology Group will continue to produce for the famous brands at home and abroad, and serve our existing customers with more perfect OEM and ODM methods, as well as open up more markets. On the basis of safe and stable operation, we actively and steadily implement the project development plan, carefully study the products and markets, and intensify innovation. We basically focus on the new business model of “smart city”, smart security, smart community, and wisdom education. Brighten the wisdom and people´s livelihood, make the project development more forward-looking and differentiated, and strive to make the economic and social benefits of Zhongding Chuang Technology Group even better. With a broader vision and more persistent efforts, we will move forward toward higher and further goals and jointly draw a beautiful blueprint for Zhongding Chuang Technology Group! ! !