Zhong Ding Chuang Group Yangshuo Three-Day Tour
Time: 2019-10-09 2125

The landscape of Guilin is the best in the world, and the landscape of Yangshuo is Guilin. In order to strengthen the company´s corporate culture and enrich employees´ amateur cultural life, Zhong Ding Chuang Group organized a three-day trip to Yangshuo on July 6.

Zhongding Chuang Group organized this outing event and provided all employees with an opportunity to understand each other. The lively activities left a deep memory for everyone. Tourism has brought closer the feelings between employees, deepened friendship, created a united and uplifting atmosphere, and enhanced the cohesiveness and centripetal force of Zhongding Chuang Group.
The trip to Yangshuo has come to a successful conclusion. As we carefully relive this trip, we have to start preparing for a new round of work. I believe that everyone will devote more energy and enthusiasm to work, and contribute all their strength to Zhong Ding Chuang Group to jointly build a large family of Zhong Ding Chuang Group.